List of indicative non-medical consumables and non-payable items for which is not cover under MHIS 6.

Air mattress (pneumatic pressure relieving system)Moisturex (aloevera prep) cream
Allevyn sacrumMole cath condom
Alpha trancelMorturay sheet
Alpha xcell/strong>Oil
Alprosept handrubPlastic bowl
Ambulance chargesPlastic container
Apron disposable cotPlastic jar
Auto suturePM-O-UNE
Bacto-rubPoly drape sheet
Bandaid washproofRespirometer
Bed bath towelRestraimt strap
Bedpan plasticRubber washer
Blue sheetShaving razor disposable
Camera cover disposable-(NOS)Single lumber
Cautery pencilSolution hand rub
Catheter suction with thumb controlSolution microshield handrub
Chloroxexidine mouthwashSolution sterillium
Clohex plus (chlorhexidine) mouthwashSputum mug disposable
Dental kitSurgical under pad
Diaper adultThermometer digital
Durapure plusTip cleaner
DVD-RUrine pot plastic
DVT pump per dayVicks vaporub
Easy bath sponging wet wipesContact lenses
Flowtron excel complete with DVR 10/E (per day)Hearing AIDS
Harmonic scalp plus ergonomicHormone replacement therapy
Legbag with strap maskCorrective surgery for refractive error
Medicine containerTissue paper
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