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Chianchi T Sangma

Patient Name: Chianchi T Sangma
Occupation: Housewife
District: North Garo Hills
MHIS Benefit: ₹ 96,000

Smti. Chianchi T Sangma a 38-year-old female and her baby from Resubelpara, North Garo hills, Meghalaya was treated in Garo Hills Adventist Mission Nursing Home for Neonatal care. Smti. Chianchi T Sangma expressed that during the stay in hospital for 19 days, her child’s medical condition was not good but the Doctors and nurses that had treated her child were very efficient and helpful and her child’s condition had started to improve. At the time of discharge, she was informed that the Ayushman card had covered the entire cost of treatment.

She further expressed that at the time of medical crisis where financial assistance was needed for treatment the Ayushman card has helped her a lot. My child is very lucky to have the Ayushman card because we have benefited so much from the scheme.

“I am very thankful to the Scheme which helped my family in the time of need and I urge all the residents of Meghalaya who have not yet registered under the scheme to kindly register themselves in order to receive benefits from the scheme like myself.” – Chianchi T Sangma.

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