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Mirissida Kharkrang

Name: Mirissida Kharkrang
Occupation: House wife
District: East Khasi Hills
MHIS Benefit: Rs 1,53,670

Mirissida Khrangkrang from Mawsiatkhnam, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, was pregnant with twins and had to undergo a premature delivery, which meant that there was a lot of complications during delivery and post-delivery. The cost of the delivery was very expensive, but Mrs Mirissida received full benefits from the PMJAY – MHIS.
Her husband is a daily wage earner and he was very stressed and worried about arranging the funds to pay for the delivery and treatment of his children. But little that he knew that the Golden/E-Card would cover all the expenses. Both wife and husband are extremely grateful to the scheme for providing the financial assistance when they needed it the most. The twins are healthy and growing under the care of the family.

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